Transaction Structuring / Business Restructuring

Our firm has handled numerous structuring / restructuring assignments in areas, such as


Business Re-organisation :

  • Mergers
  • Demergers
  • Slump Sales, Spin-offs
  • Voluntary Liquidations
  • Reduction of Capital
  • Scheme of Arrangements
  • Buyback of Shares

From concept to completion – Advising on Taxation, Company Law, Stamp Duty; Preparing Action Plan, Due Diligence, Schemes, Drafting Agreements, Resolutions, Notices, etc.


Acquisitions: Takeovers / Option Agreements for Share  Purchase from concept to completion – Advising on Taxation, Company Law, Stamp Duty; Preparing Action Plans, assistance in Agreements, Resolutions, etc.


Foreign Investments (Inbound) : Advising on structuring, FDI Policy  / FEMA, Company Law, Taxation, drafting of foreign collaboration agreement


Joint Ventures Domestic / Abroad : Advising on structuring, assisting in formation of  companies abroad, conducting due diligence, drafting of various agreements and advising on the Taxation, Company Law & FEMA


Taxation Advisory forms one of the core pillars of our practice.

  • Tax planning and Tax consultancy assignments for Corporates & HNI
  • International Taxation – Advising on Business Set up and Transactions Structuring, cross-border M&A Transactions, DTAAs, Transfer Pricing, Fund Structuring, etc.
  • Tax Havens and Offshore jurisdictions : Advisory and Setting up Companies & Trusts
  • Service Tax advisory

International Services

Our range of International Services include the following:

  • Structuring Foreign Direct Investment into India
  • Advising on Overseas Direct Investments from India, including use of Intermediate Holding Companies /  Regional Holding Companies, etc.
  • Structuring NRI investments into India
  • Advising NRI Clients on FEMA and Tax Issues on investing in India
  • Advising Indian Residents on acquiring Overseas Properties / Assets 
  • International Taxation Issues for Indian Clients
  • Advising on change of Residential Status for persons migrating abroad or returning to India

Real Estate & Infrastructure Consultancy

Private Equity & FDI in Real Estate:     Structuring of PE / VCF Investment and FDI in Real Estate   including advising on Valuation issues, Exchange Control Regulations, Term Sheets, SSA/SHAs, etc.

Real Estate:   Transactions relating to purchase of immovable property and property development, consultancy services related to Owner-Developer Joint Ventures, Taxation, Stamp Duty, Rent Act, ULCRA,  Development Control Regulations, MOFA, Service Tax, etc. and drafting of the required documents.

Infrastructure :  Structuring Indian and international, joint ventures/ consortiums, investments / acquisitions and assisting in various Infrastructure Sectors.

Corporate / Capital market Laws

Capital Market Consultancy  :  Advising on SEBI Regulations, Takeover Regulations & allied regulations. Developing Structured Products for investment in equity, gold, silver, etc.

Corporate Laws :   Consultancy and Implementation - Company Law, Securities (Contract) Regulations, RBI Act,  NBFC, etc.

CSR - Advising on Corporate Social Responsibility. Drafting of Policy; Advising on whether proposed initiatives are in line with s.135 of the Act; tax treatment of initiatives; structuring of Foundations for carrying out CSR.  


  • Advice on Estate  / Succession Planning
  • Group Control Mechanisms / Family Code of Ethics
  • Family Settlements and Arrangements
  • Asset Protection Planning & Implementation
  • Estate Protection Planning using Trusts, Wills, etc., and other Asset Protection strategies
  • Drafting of Wills / Trusts

Financial Advisory & Valuation



Valuation of shares and businesses for various purposes,  e.g., for Mergers, Demergers, Sale of Business, Investment, Joint Ventures, Goodwill, Arbitrations, etc.


Financial Consultancy Services including :


*      Business Plan / Project Report Preparation


*     Investment  Advisory  Services : Assisting Venture Capitalists / Investors   in deciding whether and at what price & other terms to invest in a venture


*      Advising on Capital & Debt Structuring and related matters


Litigation Support services on Valuation and Accounting matters in India, USA, South Africa, France:


    *      Valuation of Goodwill


    *      Valuation of Shares & Businesses


    *      Valuation of Claim for Loss of Profits


Accountancy Advisory Services



  • Developing an ESOP (Employee Stock Option/Ownership Plan) for unlisted and listed companies
  • Developing an ADR / GDR-linked ESOP
  • Drafting Schemes, Resolutions, Notice, Trust Deed for ESOP
  • Advising on Accounting / IFRS for ESOPs
  • Valuation for Exercise Price
  • Options Valuation
  • Advice on Company Law, SEBI Guidelines, FEMA issues, etc.